How to lose weight for over 40’s

At 40, you are at half-time and you’re losing. Nature is telling everyone about it with your belly that is growing fat, your energy level are not what they used to be, you’re adding weight in most unlikely places – It’s obvious you are losing, and you need to re-strategize and come up with a new game plan to win.

If you are noticing these changes, it is not peculiar to you. At 40, the human body begins to undergo series of changes that have a profound effect on metabolism, digestion, and other parts of body’s functions. These changes cause the very growth rate of human cells to slow down.

These changes can lead to you adding up weight; the worst part is that losing weight at this stage becomes significantly more challenging because your body is no longer what it used to be. Moreover, it is possible that four decades of accumulating toxins from foods, drinks, and your daily activities will lead to the case of obesity at this stage. At 40, your abilities to burn calories drops and can lead to you gaining significant weight.

You don’t have to lose hope; you can still do something about it. It is going to be more challenging now but you can do it. What you need is a new strategy and consistency. The plan below will help you get reduce weight and gain an amazing body at 40 and over.

  1. Take Time To Understand your Body’s New Biological Rhythms – And Adjust Accordingly

After 40, it becomes so much easier to gain weight. This is because your body no longer use to burn calories like it does in your mid-twenties. According to weight experts, at this stage, consuming about 100 extra calories than what your body needs per day will lead to an extra 9-to-10 pound weight gain over the course of a year. It is very easy to consume 100 extra calories per day. When you are in your twenties, it is to burn these extra calories off. But at 40, your activity level tends to decline.

Therefore, the first step for losing weight after 40 is to understand how your body works now and adjust accordingly. Avoid eating those extra calories. Make a list of what works for you and what throws you off. Change your diet plan and watch the number of calories you are consuming per day.

  1. Eliminate Underlying Metabolic Conditions

According to health experts, 1 out of 5 adults over 40 years of age are suffering from thyroid problems. Hypothyroidism is the most common of these thyroid problems and this is the reason why most women over 40 can’t lose weight. Hypothyroidism leads to an underactive thyroid, which hinders the function of other organs in your body. It is like having your internal thermostat set too low. Some symptoms of this disease include poor circulation in the hands and feet, feeling cold all the time, tiredness, clammy hands, hair loss, and weight gain.

If you are suffering from such health conditions, it makes it more difficult to lose weight. The first step is to call a doctor and schedule a test to confirm if you have it in the first place. If your test comes back positive; you need to take steps to eliminate the problem so that you will stand a chance of losing weight using other methods we will suggest in this article.

  1. Slow Down and Eliminate Stress

Do you know that stress is part of the reason you are gaining too much weight after 40?  It is understandable that work and family commitment can put you under a lot of stress. However, this stress is causing a huge damage to your body. Try to slow down with your daily routine that causes stress. Plan your day in such a way that you can accomplish your daily tasks without subjecting your body to undue stress. If you can eliminate stressing your body, you will begin to see improvement not just in your weight but your overall health. 

  1. Trick Your Metabolism With Fat-Fighting Foods

Do not just eat for the sake of eating; your body is going to an advanced stage now. You need to make sure you are eating the right meal at the right time. There are plenty of healthy foods that you can eat – Make adequate changes to your diet, add foods that are known to actually fight fat instead of those that cause it. Don’t eat too much, eat in moderation. Too much food will lead to extra calories and more weight gain.

  1. Get Adequate Sleep To Burn More Calories

Sleep is elusive at this stage; this has been attributed to pressure from work and home. Moreover, it is possible that you have multiple physical issues such as back pain, snoring, and night sweats that interfere with good night’s sleep.

Research has shown that getting a good night sleep is one of the keys to losing weight. Your body’s metabolism is more active when you are sleeping helping you to burn calories and repair damaged cells. Sleeping less than 6 hours impairs glucose tolerance, which leads to diabetes and causes weight gain. Add adequate sleep to your list; eliminate anything that stops you from having at least 6 hours of sleep every night.

  1. Exercise

Even at 40, no weight loss technique is complete without an exercise. You need exercise not only to lose weight but also to keep it off and stay healthy. Exercise is good for your body; you may not be as energetic as you used to be in your twenties. However, there are some exercise techniques designed for those above 40. You can do aerobics that involves brisk walking, jogging, or riding a bicycle. Sometimes, take the stairs instead of the elevator, all these simple exercise techniques help to keep you in shape.

  1. Make Changes To Your Lifestyle

Make necessary changes to your lifestyle to achieve your weight loss objective. You can make a plan to lose 1 to 2 pounds every week for the next 5 to 10 weeks. According to studies, you are more likely to achieve your weight loss objective when you take the slow-but-steady approach. You can decide between cutting down the number of calories you are consuming every day or increasing exercise to help burn them.

Note that alcohol also makes you gain weight, most people at this age tend to drink lots of alcohol which can cause unnecessary weight gain. Reduce the amount of alcohol you take to one or two during the weekends and get a good night rest.


Cleaning YouTube videos of the green variety


Hi I have researched YouTube to bring you 7 videos of varying quality, but all interesting in their own right, have a look and see what can be done naturally. It seems that baking soda, white vinegar, lemon, and water with a brush and spray bottle is all you need to clean almost anything. Which is incredible, have a read, I find it fascinating.

There is nothing to lose, these YouTube videos show ordinary people having a go and getting good results, I would never have thought of this before but it works and is so much better for you, your pets, your family and the planet.

Good luck and keep smiling, you are helping the planet.

Floor Cleaning


Wood Floors

Here are some steps you can take to clean your wooden floor and not damage the finish.

Dilute ½ cup of white vinegar in 1 gallon of warm water, damp the mop in the solution and squeeze the mop nearly dry.

  • Always moist the mop with diluted water when cleaning your wooden floor, this because it is safer than pouring the solution on the floor directly.
  • To make cleaning your floor a stress- free one, make sure you clean it section by section. Place a towel on the floor while cleaning to mop dry the wet and remove any streaky or dulling traces of your cleaning solution.
  • Streaky liquid from your mop, spills can damage floors if you don’t clean them up immediately.
  • Grit is one of the major damage that can destroy your wood floor; it will be important to avoid this damage by putting mats at your doors to collect grit and endeavor to keep the mats clean.
  • The best way to reduce grit on your floor is for you to frequently dust mop the areas where there is possibility of having excess grit, this is what will determine how often you will dust and mop a regular household.
  • Do not drag furniture on wood floor. While purchasing your furniture ensure that felt and furniture protectors are installed on it. You can also make use of the brush attached to a vacuum cleaner.
  • For you to have a sparkling and shinning floor, always put a waxed paper under your dust mop this is because the dirt will only stick to the mop and the wax will leave your floor sparkling clean.
  • Here are some guides to removing different type of stains.

Water stain

If you have any material with water stain and you have problem removing such stain, you can get rid of the stain by rubbing the spot with No. 2 steel wool and wax.

In situations where you have a more serious water stains all you need do to get rid of the stain is lightly sand with fine sandpaper , clean the spot with No.1 or 00 steel wool and mineral spirits or use floor cleaner then refinish and wax.

Cigarette Burns

You can easily remove stains from cigarette burns by applying  the affected spot with soap and rub with moistened steel wool .

Heel and Caster Mark

Cleaning stains from heel and caster mark is made easy, if you can just apply floor cleaner and scrub

Energetically with fine steel wool, then wipe dry and polish the floor.

Ink stains and other Dark Spots.

When you want to remove ink stains from your clothes or any stained material, all you need to do is to use No.2 steel wool and floor cleaner to clean the spot and adjoining area.

In the situation where the stain is uneasy to clean or get rid of, wash the affected area thoroughly, if the stain remains sand with fine sandpaper, re-wax and polish. You may have to change the material if the stains remain irremovable.

Chewing gum and Wax Deposits.

You can remove wax deposit stains by putting ice on the affected spot until  the deposit is breakable and crumbles off .

You can also remove chewing gum stains by adding floor cleaner to the spot so the fluid will soak under and loosen the gum.

Alcohol Spots.

Rub the affected spot with liquid or paste wax.

For you to give your vinyl floors a long lasting care here are some tips on how to go about it.

  • Firstly, you give your floor a clean sweep, and then damp your mop in a water and dishwashing detergent solution.
  • When you wax your floor regularly there will be no needs for a neck breaking waxing, regular cleaning prevents further wear and tear.

Tips you cannot afford to miss on how to keep your carpets in tiptop shape.

  • When you want to clean dry spots and loosen soil, always make sure you vacuum clean the carpet before moistening it.
  • Take out stains from your carpets with the use of white cloth.
  • Do you find it difficult removing wax drop on your carpet or upholstery? You don’t sweat it, just spread a clean, absorbent cloth on the wax stain and press a hot iron on it and then remove the cloth.
  • Greasy stains on your carpets can be easily removed by mildly coating the affected spot with aerosol shaving cream, give it a speedy dry with the use of hair dryer , then vacuum.
  • Get greasy stain off by sprinkling the area with baking soda, cornstarch or talcum powder. Leave on for at least 8 hours, and then vacuum.

I bet you never you never knew there are any good use to Bounce, the stuff in the dryer has numerous uses. Here are some of the guides on how to put Bounce to use. Great advice from local carpet cleaners.

  • Wipe your television screen with a used sheet of Bounce to keep dust from your screen. Also, eliminate static electricity from your television screen, since Bounce is designed to eliminate static cling,
  • You can make your shower doors new every now and then by cleaning the dissolve soap scum on it with a used sheet of Bounce.
  • You can brighten the air and atmosphere in your home just by placing a sheet of bounce in a drawer or hang one in the closet.
  • If you have sewing machine at home, you can avoid your thread from tangling by running a threaded needle through a sheet of Bounce to eliminate the static cling on the thread before sewing.
  • Rub a damp, used sheet of Bounce over the hose to eliminate static cling from pantyhose.
  • To avoid having musty suit cases when you are ready for that business trip, put an individual sheet of Bounce inside empty luggage before storing.
  • Make the air in your car refreshing by placing a sheet of Bounce under the front seat.
  • Bounce Cleans baked-on food from a cooking pan. Put a sheet in the pan, fill with water, let sit overnight, and sponge clean. The anti-static agents apparently weaken the bond between the food and the pan while the fabric softening agents soften the baked-on food.
  • Does the smell from your waste basket disgusts you? Eliminate this odor by placing a sheet of Bounce at the bottom of the waste basket.
  • Bounce works for pets too; you can collect cat hair by rubbing the area with a sheet of Bounce which will magnetically attract all the loose hairs.
  • Wipe the blinds with a sheet of Bounce to prevent dust from resetting. Bounce eliminates static electricity from venetian blinds.
  • You don’t like the smell from your shoes or sneakers, deodorize them by placing a sheet of Bounce in your shoes or sneakers overnight so they will smell great in the morning.
  • In cleaning sturdy stains you may have to get few cleaning agents that likely be at your own risk. When you want to clean heavier stains on your marble, select three or four bars of ivory soap, cut into pieces and melt in hot water until the content gives you a thin mixture of liquid.

Apply this content on your marble, leave on the marble for close to 5 days. Should the content become messy on the marble add few drops of water ,  and wash it off at the end of the period.

For removing lighter stains, all you need do is get a fresh lemon, sprinkle salt on it and rub lightly over the stain.

Ensure you don not rub too hard or else you will damage the polished surface of your marble. Rinse off the top with soap and water.


A great big green post

green cleaning 2

Love the green cleaning images above, just wanted to say that.

Green cleaning or cleaning the green way is so important for lots of reasons, the environment, our own personal space and family and friends benefit from cleaning the green way. It seems crazy to not consider green cleaning as it makes sense, costs no more, even less if you make your own cleaners. So hey why not clean that way?

We do appreciate cleaning companies who also have this as part of their offering as cleaning companies clearly use cleaning products all the time and therefore it is important they lead the way and clean green. We as consumers can do our bit to help  but cleaning companies can make big strides in helping.

We have looked at several companies around the globe and one that stood out for us was one in Honolulu and is called Diamondheadcarpetcleaners, here is a link to their website. We think you will like them.

As I said this is very important and there are so many cleaning companies around globally, that we will try and highlight the good ones as we check them out.

thank you and keep it green, well cleaning wise anyway.