A great big green post

green cleaning 2

Love the green cleaning images above, just wanted to say that.

Green cleaning or cleaning the green way is so important for lots of reasons, the environment, our own personal space and family and friends benefit from cleaning the green way. It seems crazy to not consider green cleaning as it makes sense, costs no more, even less if you make your own cleaners. So hey why not clean that way?

We do appreciate cleaning companies who also have this as part of their offering as cleaning companies clearly use cleaning products all the time and therefore it is important they lead the way and clean green. We as consumers can do our bit to help  but cleaning companies can make big strides in helping.

We have looked at several companies around the globe and one that stood out for us was one in Honolulu and is called Diamondheadcarpetcleaners, here is a link to their website. We think you will like them.

As I said this is very important and there are so many cleaning companies around globally, that we will try and highlight the good ones as we check them out.

thank you and keep it green, well cleaning wise anyway.

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